Farmworld is an alternate timeline created when the Lich drags Finn and Jake into a multiverse portal at the end of the episode "The Lich." Finn enters the timeline as Farmworld Finn in the episode "Finn the Human" upon making his "wish that the Lich never even ever existed." In this timeline the Mushroom War didn't end the world, since Simon Petrikov saved it by freezing the Mushroom Bomb.In "Finn The Human" Finn attempts to sell Simon Petrikov's crown. During this scene a fruit stand is shown with the words "Junk Town Melons" written on it, suggesting that this area is called Junk Town. HistorySimilar to the history of Ooo, all early events prior to the Mushroom War occurred, including events known to have happened to the two known survivors of the war: Simon Petrikov (who would become the Ice King in the Ooo's timeline) and Marceline. However, during the Mushroom War, a major deviation occurred that changed history. During an attack where a massive bomb, possessing massive energy tied with The Lich is dropped upon Earth, Petrikov used his powers tied to his ice crown to create a vortex that catches the bomb and freezes it, crushing him in the process.
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